Homeopathic Treatment After the Shots

by Dr Uzelac

There are several homeopathic medicines you can use to prepare your child for the upcoming immunization and alleviate the side effects such as: pain, swelling, redness, fever, stress to the immune system afterwards. If you are not familiar with homeopathy (what it is and how it works) and are curious to know more, simply click THIS LINK to read my post about it.

I check ingredients in everything I recommend: food, formula, vitamins, over the counter drugs, and of course, the shots. Therefore I am well aware of the inactive particles like: aluminum, formaldehyde....etc that each immunization contains as a preservative. For now, you cannot avoid these traces of preservatives (although they are trying to make new shots mercury free, and with less aluminum), so this is where homeopathy kicks in wonderfully, by helping the body maintain its own balance (homeostasis) when injected with immunization antigens and preservatives. And also flushing out (detoxing) the parts that are not necessary (the preservatives).


Homeopathics: prior, during and after shots

Homeopathic medicine will help you green up "the immunization process".  I listed the most important homeopathic medicine we use at the office and explained their effect after the immunization. You do not need to use all of them (some are harder to find than the others) but If I were to choose one, it would be Thuja, because it is the most beneficial after the immunization.


1) Ledum Palustre 6C

5 pallets prior to shots: alleviates pain/stress from puncture wounds.



2) Thuja Occidentalis 15C

Take 4- 5 pallets after the shots. 


This one we use at the office after the immunization. It is the most complete medicine to give after the immunization since it helps the body maintain homeostasis (its own balance), not get sick and get rid of toxins. For babies and young kids who can't keep the pallets under the tongue, we administer it orally, diluted in  1-2 ml of water.

I recommend giving one more dose of homeopathic Thuja 15C or 30C (the later is more available over the counter) 10 pallets (all at once) 1 wk after the shots OR you can give 5 pallets daily x 7 days after immunization.


3) Arnica Montana 6C

5 pallets 2-3 x per day to avoid swelling after immunization.



4) Chamomilla 30C

5 pallets as needed for fussiness following the shots.



5) Alumina 30C

5 pallets daily x 1 week after the immunization: to flush out rest of aluminum from the body.



Once again, please keep in mind that all these homeopathic medicines DO NOT contain any particle from the plant or mineral they are made of, they are  diluted versions of that plant/mineral, etc. Hence, they are safe to use with babies.


Additionally, I suggest that breast feeding mothers start taking themselves CoQ10 supplement prior to their baby's immunization as an extra cellular support ( it will go through breast milk to baby) and also give a few drops of methyl B12 vitamin (methylated liquid B12 vitamin) to baby directly a few days before, during and after immunization.

Last but not least, I do not advise giving any Acetaminophen prior to or after immunization as it depletes intracellular glutathione, which is master antioxidant and detoxifier of every cell in our body. Since it prevents cellular death and helps with detoxification, lowering its levels prior to immunization can make the whole process more toxic to our organism.

Instead, for alleviating the pain - use the homeopathics and if you can, breastfeed your child since the endorphins released during the breastfeeding  are very powerful painkillers.