Breakfast recipes

Waffles GF


2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 tsp vanilla (1 vanilla pod)
orange zest
pinch salt
1 tsp coconut sugar
dry mint leaves


any fruit you have in the fridge


Mix eggs, milk, cinnamon, mint, salt, sugar, vanilla, and orange zest, then dip your GF bread in it.

Fry it in a mixture of butter and olive oil ( better to mix butter with olive oil so it does not brown and burn)

For topping: cook desired fruits (peaches, berries, cherries, rhubarb chunks) on medium fire for 15 min until compote / sauce is made.

You may use the sauce and/or fresh mint leaves to decorate the plate.



Cinnamon: antioxidants, anti inflammatory

Gluten free bread: less inflammatory

Orange zest: improves oral health and breath, relieves respiratory problems, helps with weight loss (but not if you eat plenty of french toast 🙂

Home cooked meal has plenty of benefits over the commercial products. This way you know your ingredients, so try to cook from scratch as much as you can. This is easy and quick recipe and actually the french toast you see on the photo was entirely prepared and decorated by 9 year old boy.