Electromagnetic Fields

by Nenad Uzelac

With the growth of electric power generation and transmission, the development of new telecommunication systems and advances in technology, humans are increasingly exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

EMF is a physical field produced by electrically charge objects. For most people, the human body has no means of detecting EMF’s. There is no odor, no visual presence and no sense of feeling other than heat.

EMF comes from many different sources inside and outside our houses, cars and offices. EMF is emitted at different frequencies, as showed on the chart on the bottom. 

Scientific community is divided on long term effect of EMF to human body, especially to kids. Until long term EMF effects are completely understood it is recommended to use a “prudent avoidance” approach.

Each electrical device is producing some level of EMF resulting in electropolution of our homes, offices, parks, even cars. Those devices are all around us and we are all exposed to certain level of EMF 24/7,  365 days of the year.  In absence of scientific consensus to determine what the safe limits to EMF exposure are, we ALL are basically ginny  pigs in a world-wide experiment. 

Prudent avoidance is a precautionary principle in risk management, stating that reasonable efforts to minimize potential risks should be taken when the actual magnitude of the risks is unknown. In other words - it’s “better safe then sorry” approach.

Good news is that this can be done by taking simple, easily achievable and low-cost measures in order to reduce the risk from EMF.  For example, moving the router from your office into the hallway can reduce the EMF field on your office chair by factor of 10. Another example would be replacing the cord alarm clock with the battery one on the night stand in your bedroom.

In order to reduce the EMF in your house you first need to measure it. This measurement is called the EMF survey. You can read more about it in this post.

Also, here is an additional reading material on Prudent Avoidance from World Health Organization:






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