Nuts Over Pudding


1 cup (200g) tapioca pearls
3 1/2 cups (8 dl) milk (coconut, cows, almond)
1/3 cup (50 g) coconut sugar
1 vanilla pod
1 pund (450g) mixed berries
1 handful of hazelnuts or 1 tsp nutella





Rinse tapioca pearls well, add to milk and heat on medium fire. Scrape one vanilla bean and add to milk while stirring. Add coconut sugar, and cook until tapioca pearls become transparent (20-30 min). May add crunchy hazelnuts into pudding for more nutty flavor or stir in 1 tsp of nutella.

Pour tapioca pudding in the transparent glass previously rinsed with cold water. Do it as soon as you are done cooking since it firms up fast.

Puree berries and place on the top of the pudding.

Toast hazelnuts in a pan (whole or halves) with a bit of sugar and when sugar starts sticking to the hazelnuts, stop toasting, put it in a food processor and chop so it is crunchy. Pour over berries.


Tapioca: is delicious starch extract from cassava plant. It is rich in B complex vitamins, manganese, copper, selenium, calcium and iron.

If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, (e.g. after surgery, illness, injury or eating disorder) you can use tapioca. It is gluten free, rich in iron ,good for healthy nutritious snacks and meals.

Use it as thickener in puddings, soups, etc

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