Peppers stuffed with egg and feta


4 sweet red (banana) peppers
2 eggs
1/2 lb feta cheese
Salt and peper to taste

oregano, basil, sun dried tomatoes, capers



Scramble the eggs and add the cheese, salt and pepper. You may  optionally add any other spice/herb you desire. mushrooms as well (see suggestions). When all mixed, put them on slightly oiled heated pan stirring constantly, for 1-2 minutes until starting to thicken. Than remove from the heat and cool down. This will be your pepper stuffing.

Cut the pepper tops and keep on the side. De-seed your peppers and stuff with already prepared stuffing. Use toothpicks to attach the pepper tops back on the peppers.

Heat the iron cast pan or use regular pan with a bit of olive oil and fry / grill your peppers (both sides ) until their red color darkens , however make sure you do not burn them (about 3 minutes each side)

Serve right away while warm, although, you may enjoy them cold as well.



Red peppers: Did you know that peppers have more vitamin C than oranges! They contain 300% of your daily vitamin C intake. They are also packed with antioxidants and high in vitamin A (support night vision). VItamin B and Magnesium content in red peppers  help decrease anxiety, especially related to pre-menstrual symptoms. Vitamin B6 is also a natural diuretic, so try stocking up on red bell peppers to reduce bloating and prevent against hypertension.