Green Lunch Box hardcover

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Complete guide how to cook healthy and gourmet lunch, with useful organizational and preparation tips. Gluten free menu with vegan options suitable for the whole family, kids and the adults. Recipes provided: smoothies, main dishes, sides and deserts with no sugar. Level for cooking – Easy.

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“Green Lunch Box”, our holistic cook book, provides you with revolutionary ideas: how to prepare your food by using only the purest ingredients – fresh foods and super foods. Our recipes may be beneficial in lowering inflammation, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and controlling the weight. Cooking level is Easy to Medium suitable even for the kids.

Written by: BiljanaUzelac, MD Integrative pediatrician and Nina Kokalj, NC holistic nutritionist, who developed all the recipes and tested them for over 4 years among kids and adults.

All Green Lunch Box recipes are gluten free, mostly dairy free (or dairy free substitutions provided), loaded with healthy nutrients (superfoods / super powders) and balanced for optimal health and nutrition. The authors stress the importance of having nutritious lunch, and suggest swapping big dinners for the lunch.

Special tools: For each recipe Assembly tips are provided (how to organize and prepare your meal in no time) as well as Health benefits (learn how the ingredients from each meal may improve your health)

You will find close to 80 recipes: smoothies, snacks, main dishes, sides and deserts, all free of sugars, gluten, additives and empty calories. Most of the deserts are easy to refrigerate or freeze and can be enjoyed at anytime.

This cook book is not just a guide to a healthier “lunch to go” but also a full meal plan for you and your family. Bring to school /work or enjoy at home. Pack it when you travel: fly, drive, hike.

Learn, Create, Enjoy!

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