by Dr Uzelac

Sprouting is a lot of fun.  It takes no time and effort, and gives you great benefits: enhances the quality of the grains / seeds / nuts / beans by activating its enzymes, and makes it easier to digest and much more nutritious. The process is called: germination. It literary awakens the grain and transforms it into a super-grain by activation and multiplication of its nutrients (particularly Vitamins A, B, and C). It also neutralizes enzyme inhibitors, and promotes the growth of vital digestive enzymes

You can sprout almost anything: beans, chick peas, buckwheat, lentils,  nuts etc. The procedure is the same for everything except for buckwheat which meeds minimal soaking - the rest is the same.


Soak the required amount of grains /beans /nuts in enough water to cover about 2 inches overnight. (For buckwheat, you only need to soak it for 20-30 min)

The next day, drain them into a colander and leave them in it, stored in a cool, dark place and covered with paper towel.

Twice a day rinse them off (in the same colander) than return it to your cool dry place.



Most of seeds / grains sprout in 2 days, but it is individual to what you sprout so check out everyday to see if you reached desired sprout length.

For green lentils and other green seeds/ beans, once sprouted, expose it for a few hours to sunlight to activate the chlorophyl.

Once sprouted, you do not need to cook them, they will be soft and ready to use. You can make salads with them, add to sandwiches, soups or use it as breakfast food.