Travel Smart: Useful Tips

by dr Uzelac

Travel is a great way to learn. For me, it is an opportunity to discover and explore different cultures, local healing techniques and rituals, herbal use, and cooking secrets. I get inspired every time, and I always bring back amazing knowledge and experience.

Here are some useful tips on what to pack for your travels and adventures. I am not going to give you a check list of everything you need in your suitcase (I hope you remember passport, money and phone). Instead, I will concentrate on things that may be forgotten easily and are not always available at your destination.

Travel Essentials:

1) Natural sunblock (zinc oxyde)
2) Natural insect repellent (essential oils)
3) Natural insect bite relief
4) Probiotics (temperature stable)
5) Electrolyte powder
6) Arsenicum album 6C - homeopathic (travelers diarrhea)
7) Bandaids
8) Natural baby wipes
9) Water pouch or container
10)Raincoat light
12)Crystalized ginger (jet lag snack)




On The Plane:

1) Natural lip balm (calendula, coconut oil..)
2) Chemical free sanitizer (thyme oil, clove, aloe..)
3) Water and healthy snacks
4) Kali Muriaticum 9C - homeopathic (ear popping)
5) Arnica Montana 6C - homeopathic (jet lag, leg swelling)
6) Ear plugs
7) Extra set of clothes (lost luggage, spills happen)
8) Dry eye solution (preservative free)
9) Toiletries (toothbrush, etc)
10)Pill case
11)Re-useable fold up bags
12) Essential oils: peppermint, lavender
13) Magnesium oil / gel








Food: Try to eat your meal on the plane ONLY if you are hungry. Do not eat it just because they served it, especially if you already ate before the boarding. You can ask the flight attendant to keep it for you for later, when you do actually feel hungry. The reason for this is simple: you will get bloated and backed up  and stress your body if you eat between your regular meals.

Supplements: If I could choose one and only one supplement for travel, it would be for sure - magnesium. Magnesium will help your body fight better against the jet leg stress, leg cramps, and also will keep your digestive system in shape, avoiding bloating and backing up. I suggest topical oil or spray  - applied directly to your- that way you will get exact amount that your  body needs without getting diarrhea or digestive problems.

Essential oils: Peppermint, just 2-3 drops of it, diluted in your water bottle will keep you refreshed on your travels and also will help your digestive system as well as immune system (good anti parasite agent)
Lavender: just a drop or two applied on your temporal area and under the nose, will keep you calm and relaxed on the plane.