Breakfast recipes

Breakfast of Champions – Sprouted Buckwheat GF


Buckwheat (click: how to sprout)
Dry fruits
Chia seeds
Raw cacao powder

Coconut shredded
Mesquite powder
Plain whole yogurt or milk


Mix sprouted buckwheat with dry powders (mesquite, raw cacao ,or any other powder you desire: maca, spirulina, cinnamon, etc. You may use 1/4 tsp of each powder, or more depending on your taste.)

Add chia seeds and/or any other seeds you wish (sunflower, pumpkin, etc) , top  with plain whole yogurt (cows, goats or coconut) and add shredded coconut, fruits and nuts.


Sprouted buckwheat: improves concentration and endurance, which makes it a great fuel prior to busy school or work day and during grade testing periods. It also helps body maintain normal sugar levels, leaving you satiated, while decreases stress levels which everyone needs.


  • Chia: rich in omega 3 , another great brain fuel.
  • Mesquite powder: helps body maintain normal sugar levels, has low glycemic index and also adds a “zing” to the taste.
  • Maca: will give you energy and endurance, although I wouldn’t use too much in kids.
  • Yogurt: Supplies you with proteins and probiotics. The later ones will help boost immunity.
  • Pictures: I used different fruits: banana and raspberries (upper), and persimmon with dry sour cherries (lower).