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Every living being needs to live in balance and in harmony with nature. In order for our body to be healthy, it is necessary to achieve homeostasis; a calm resting state of equilibrium. This can be achieved with healthy diet, exercise, and mindfulness. That is why we are dedicated to promoting knowledge about the Green way of life.

We do our best to educate our patients about the Green way of life and how to incorporate healthy diet and lifestyle habits into their own daily routines. With respect to diet, this means eating a large variety of nutrients from nature including fruits, vegetables and nuts. Lifestyle habits include prioritizing restful sleep and limiting EMF exposure. We also do our best to make sure that all of our recommendations are aligned with our belief that preservation of the natural environment is important.

why to go


It all started with food. I LOVE to eat and enjoy cooking from scratch. By starting from scratch, I know all the ingredients in my food. I have been a chef in my own kitchen for the last 30 years, experimenting with different vegetables, super foods, spices, and creating well-balanced meals.
Soon after, I started checking ingredients in medicine, vitamins, shots, creams, soaps, sunblock and even water.

I realized there were many things that needed to be “greened up” : at work, home, garden, everywhere!
So I studied nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, and also learned about feng shui, reiki, energy medicine, and mind and body healing.
This is how my interest in integrative medicine began.

So, being green to me is being more natural: eating clean, choosing purest medicine and vitamins, thinking positive and constantly bettering yourself and your environment.
I live in a green certified home, practice green medicine, plant, cook, preserve, explore, and most importantly passionately teach about it.


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