Sweets – recipes


Bottom Layer
16 dates
1/2 Lb (200g) roasted hazelnuts, chopped
Pinch sea salt

Mid Layer
1 avocado
1/2 lb raspberries
1 Tbsp coconut sugar

Top Layer
1 cup organic whipped cream
1 Tbsp Nutella (or melted dark chocolate)
Raw cacao powder for dusting
Berries for decoration

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse


Bottom Layer

Soak the dates in water for 30 minutes or longer to soften. Then, remove the pits and place the dates in the blender along with the roasted hazelnuts. Blend them all together into a paste and spread it on the bottom of your “cheesecake pan” with removable bottoms. (Refer to the pan picture at the bottom for reference.)

Mid Layer

In the blender, combine 1 ripe avocado, raspberries, sugar, and vanilla. Pour this mixture over the bottom layer in your tray.

Top Layer

Whip the heavy cream and fold in a tablespoon of Nutella (or melted dark chocolate). Spread this creamy delight on top of your cake.

Dust the tops of your mousse cakes with raw cacao powder.


Avocado: 3/4 of calories in an avocado are from healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids. Also they are rich in iron, Vitamin B5, folate, and protein. Avacados are also low in sugars and sodium

Dates are loaded with fiber, including both soluble and insoluble types, making them filling and beneficial for maintaining regular bowel habits. They are also an excellent source of potassium, as well as various vitamins and minerals, making them a powerhouse of nutrition packed in a tiny, portable package.

The fiber-rich aspect of this fruit is particularly essential as it can quickly fill your hungry belly and provide you with energy. This can help curb emotional cravings for food and aid in managing your weight.

Raw Cacao: The antioxidant content of raw cacao provides benefits for cardiovascular and overall whole-body health. Processed dark chocolate may also contain antioxidants such as epicatechins, catechins, resveratrol, and procyanidins, but their levels are much lower compared to unheated raw chocolate nibs. Among all the whole foods with antioxidants, raw chocolate ranks as the highest in the world.

In addition to their potential disease-fighting properties, cacao nibs may aid in maintaining a healthy weight when consumed as an alternative to chocolate candy. A 1-ounce serving of cacao nibs contains approximately 130 calories, whereas the same-size serving of dark chocolate or milk chocolate contains around 155 calories.