Go Green!

Solids… When and How?

0-6 months

Breast milk
organic formula
NO Cereal (hard to digest)

Start vitamin D3 supplement

6 months

Avocado – first food
all veggies and fruits
can start water (NO fluoride)
NO juice – as long as you can

8 months

Egg yolks
chicken / bone broth
fish (salmon) and meats, organic
plain whole yogurt (add your veggies and fruit)
non grains (quinoa, amaranth, millet)

1 year

Breast milk, as long as you wish
whole milk (cow, goat, almond, coconut)
MAY start honey
can eat everything that family eats

NO soy milk / soy products (due to GMO and estrogen)

Useful Tips

Try each NEW food for 3-5 days before noon time.
Observe your child for allergies throughout the day (rash. swelling, itching)
If fine, may feed that food anytime.
Always try only one NEW food at the time, but may mix it with the foods you already tried before.
Upgrade to 3 meals per day (first meal-NEW food, rest KNOWN foods).

Food preparation tips

STEAMING your vegetables may be better than cooking or baking them. This way you may be able to preserve more nutrients.

Chop it into bigger chunks, so you preserve most of the goodies in your veggies.

Avoid till 1 year

Whole milk (may use fermented ones: kefir , greek yogurt)
Honey (due to botulism risk)
Grains (wheat, gluten) – can cause inflammation.

Dairy after 1 year of age

Use either organic and whole cows/goat milk, or almond/coconut/cashew/flex seed milk.
Total daily intake: not more than 10-16 oz (1- 2 cups 6oz size) per day.
Your child will get more calcium from 1 cup of green veggies than 1 cup of milk so make sure they eat their greens!

And of course, if you plan to breast feed past the first year, GREAT JOB MOMMA!